Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Translator: Anonymous
Editor: Beotkkot

Series: Lucky Star
tags: Shoujo-Ai, Loli, Guy

Yuriko's comments:
Be sure you visit your loved ones when they are sick or injured. Even if there is nothing you can do, seeing your face will always make them happy.

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(Edit: updated contents to now include credits)

Love Like Lucky

Love Like Lucky

Translator info: Unknown

series: Lucky Star
Tags: Shoujo-Ai, Loli

Yuriko's Comments:
Konata x Kagumi is all the rage these days in the world of Loli Yuri. And that is not a bad thing.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to a non-adult material Yuri Loli blog!

Hello all! Yuriko-chan here. I'll save the giant introduction on the side blog and cut to the chase.
This is the place you want to be if you are looking for Yuri of the slightly younger variety. I decided to keep this a side blog just for loli as some people may not want to see it.

Keep in mind that while this blog contains lolicon, it contains no adult content. Story content can get pretty adult though, it is love after all, and there may be references to adult material. Therefore, this blog is safe for viewing for mid-teenagers and up.
If you don't want to see any lolicon, jump over to my pure Yuri adult content blog or my safe audience Shoujo-Ai blog instead.

Well, catch you later!